I was born in Ukraine (former USSR) and I grew up in the midst of the stunning nature of Carpathian Mountains, rivers and forests. I have been drawing ever since I can remember.
From a young age I was a very impressionable person. After watching a movie or a new cartoon I liked, I would grab a pencil and start drawing. I would just feel overloaded with feelings and emotions and had to release these feelings on a sheet of paper. Therefore my works were so expressive and emotional, however this remains true today. From my teens I was fascinating by history and symbolism of ancient signs and writings. I often use these elements in my works.
In 1994 I immigrated to Israel and lived in Jerusalem. There I had a great opportunity to come in contact with the history of three religions. During the course of my work at the Israel Museum Youth Studio I discovered the arts of Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and African tribes. The pure and bright colors they used impressed me a lot. As a result my works of that period seem more like mosaic or woven tapestry.
I cannot say that I have a certain style or direction that I use in my art. I am constantly searching for new ways and I like to discover new creative ideas. I think that an artist is a mirror reflecting the reality through the prism of his soul; a kind of channel that links the cosmos with the material world.
Andrey Zhelkovsky
I paint to keep doctors away. When people want me to explain about my works - I have little to say. All my words are on my paintings; I hate explain my works because I'm not essayist, but the painter.

Have peace day.


part I

I'm a very impressionable person because of this, when I start a new work, I do not know what the final result is going to be. Sometime my art inspired wild nature, archaic cave painting and shamans tambourine. And sometimes you might recognize in my works Pollock's paint splashes, suprematism forms of Malevich or Kandinsky abstract music of colors.

part II - Manifesto

I believe in following formula: "beauty can save this world". I believe in fact that artist is the channel which links between cosmos and our material world. We live in such cruel reality where materialism, lack of emotions and hypocrisy became so deep-rooted in humans mind that it became their way of living, people loose their souls chasing after next sale or popular TV-show. People lost their ability to see things around them, so I believe that Art could bring their souls back.

part III

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